Who we are

The Surace Law Office, founded and directed by Alessandro Surace, a lawyer specialized in civil lawsuits at the Turin Bar, has been active in Moncalieri since 1996, in the sector of general private law, with particular attention to the sectors of family law, medical malpractice, debt collection, and automobile accidents.

The law firm has a high profile of specialization in these sectors, and the ability to satisfy all the most frequent needs, depending on the subject:

  • for family law the main attention is on the moderation of conflict and, for families with children, the needs of the children
  • for medical malpractice, the immediate identification of negligence profiles
  • in the sector of debt collection, the emphasis is on speed of execution and economy of management
  • as regards automobile accidents, the key factor is full and complete insurance repayment

Since 2020, due to the pandemic emergency, the law firm has also followed a strict line of attention and defense of the constitutional rights of citizens compressed by emergency regulations.

The law firm focuses on presenting a lean, dynamic, transparent operating method to the client, in accordance with the most modern legal experience.
The law firm has legal residency in all the main Italian cities.


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